Metal Selection and Custom Orders

Stoner Enterprise giant inventory all stock can be custom-cut to your exact specifications in our on-site shop and shipped or packed for direct pickup—orders are usually fulfilled same day.

Full Certification Is Available

All metals are new, and come with fully documented certification upon request. This satisfies the needs of government contractors and regulated parts producers.

Specialty Order are Welcome

If you need machining metal you don’t see listed here, give us a call. We have a comprehensive supplier network. It is likely we can get what you are looking for within a few days.

Call us today at 719-344-8470

Paul Stoner understands the needs of machinists. He draws from 35-plus years of experience in the industry. The idea that led to becoming one of the nations biggest custom metal suppliers came from the the days Paul worked in a high-volume production shop. The shop generated large quantities of end cuts and remnant pieces of metal. Paul envisioned an opportunity and negotiated with his bosses to buy the leftover stock. He used this to start an ebay store (Stoner Tools and Raw Materials) over 15 years ago and to build the brand of his ebay Seller ID: 6061dude.

Since those early beginnings, Paul has switched exclusively to new metals (no longer selling used or remnant stock—anything you order from Stoner Enterprises will be brand new, certified metal) and built one of the nations top online metal and small machinist tool stores. As of June of 2018 Paul and his team have earned almost 100,000 customer feedbacks. These positive numbers represent tens of thousands of orders and thousands of fully satisfied customers. Naturally, this amazing indicator of a commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity has earned Paul Stoner and his team ebay’s prestigious Top Rated Plus seller certification. Paul has warehoused, custom-cut, and shipped these thousands of orders from Colorado Springs since 2011.

Who knew that one of the internets largest suppliers of custom cut round, flat, and structural 6061 Aluminum; round, flat, and sheet C360 Brass; and rod and flat bar 110 Electrical Grade Copper CNC stock is located conveniently right in Colorado Springs?

Well…now you do!

Paul Stoner and the Stoner Enterprises team is ready and able to serve fellow Front Range machinists—shop owners, retired operators, or hobbyist—with custom, one-off, or special order metal stock. No orders are too small or too large. Most orders can be custom-cut and ready for pickup between 7a and 4p Mon-Fri on the same day from the huge inventory onsite. (For that last-minute job, Paul will even arrange Saturday pickups by appointment.)

Stoner Enterprise’s high volume internet sales keep prices extremely competitive and guarantee quick response from his suppliers when special order machining metals are needed.


If you have any need whatsoever for Aluminum, Brass, or Copper CNC stock, drop by Stoner Enterprises and let Paul give you an inventory tour. You will discover both your new metal supplier in Colorado Springs, and a knowledgeable and trustworthy machinist friend.


Stone Enterprises is located at 3921 Van Teylinger Drive near Academy Blvd. and Austin Bluffs Pkwy. For those coming from elsewhere on the front range, take the Garden of the Gods/Austin Bluffs exit off I-25 and head east toward Academy Blvd. your phone’s GPS will lead you right to the shop.

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A6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy commonly used for building aircraft structures, such as wings and fuselages, more commonly in homebuilt aircraft than commercial or military aircraft.



C360 (H02) Free machining brass, produced from a combination of copper and zinc, has the highest machinability of all copper alloys, and is the standard against which all the others are compared to.



C110 also known as electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper, is used most in electric current carrying applications. C110 is 99.9% pure copper with an electrical conductivity rating of 100+ % IACS.